Iditarod Lotto - Week 5 - Progressive Pot at $11,132

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50/50 - In-Venue
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Ticket Prices

200 for $100

75 for $50

25 for $20

10 for $10

1 for $2




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Wed Nov 29 2023

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Wed Dec 06 2023

Draw Date

Wed Dec 06 2023

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Iditarod Lotto Race to Nome is a 50/50 lottery raffle to raise funds for Iditarod under Alaska's Charitable Gaming laws. Each week, participants may enter the drawing by purchasing ticket(s).

Proceeds for the weekly lottery ticket sales are distributed each week as follows:

25% to the weekly pot

25% to the progressive jackpot

50% to the nonprofits/expenses

One winning ticket is drawn each Wednesday at 12:00 pm and the winner receives 25% of the weekly pot. 

Each week 25% of the pot will be accumulated for the progressive jackpot. All tickets purchased during the current game cycle will go into the drawing for the grand prize on Wednesday March 13, 2024, at 12:00 pm.

The current game cycle is November 3, 2023, through March 13, 2024. With the draw of the progressive jackpot on March 13, 2024, the game cycle is over. The new game cycle will start at 12:05 pm.

Online ticket purchases must take place within the state of Alaska. OUTSIDE OF ALASKA, CALL 1-800-545-6874 OR FILL OUT THE CALLBACK FORM.

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